The Triebaumers came originally from the Krumbach region in the Bucklige Welt, in the southern part of Lower Austria. The first Triebaumer to settle in Rust arrived in 1691, a Lutheran craftsman fleeing the religious persecution of the Counter Reformation. He married the daughter of a winegrower, and ever since that time we Triebaumers have been increasingly involved with wine.

Over the generations, our family has built up a rich heritage of knowledge and instinctive understanding for the land we tend. It's a important part of our philosopy never to rush the natural processes. Indeed, the younger generation has drawn us even closer to the image of a traditional mixed farm - our son Richard and his wife Beate now produce vegetables, free range pigs and fine deli products on part of the familiy estate. We consider our vines to be natives of this land, and we are intent upon restoring their habitat and self-determination.