The concept the see-saw of humus creation and humus depletion in agriculture formulated as long ago as the 1960s by the great maverick Friedensreich Hundertwasser is as valid today as it was back than. A society with the interests of its grandchildren at heart can develop only in the knowledge of the finite natur of vital resources and the absolute dependence of life on solar energy. Plants convert light into storable matter, which in turn becomes the basis for all life in the soil. It´s a connection that has long been lost in our culture, dominated as it is by the idea of competition, and entangled in neoliberal economics.

Clearly we all need to take the first steps towards a greener life, in as many areas of our lives as possible. Over the past 25 years, we Triebaumers have established extremely biodiverse vegetation around and between our vines. Looking back, we see proof enough that it´s all question of give and take, and that Hundertwasser got it right. The vineyards established a life-affirming cycle of humus creation. With time, they also improve their immunity to disease and settle into a healthy equilibrium. We try to maintain conditions as close as possible to the vines natural habitat, and to produce good grapes fulfilling all the potential of each site.