Keeping sheep in the vineyards all year round was the next logical step towards complete ´greening´. We´ve established a creative cycle that perfectly taps in to the natural synergies between animal and plant. The Garden of eden must have looked something link this!

Our carefully calulated polyculture provides a double harvest: not just healthy grapes but in addition three lambs per hectare per year. That is definitely a detail worth mentioning in the context of all the issues around population growth.

The sheep do the mowing for us, clean the vine trunks, provide manure and even do the de-leafing. With good grazing management, the humus content of the soil us up one ton per hectare. Humus improves growth consistency from dry to wet periods of the year. It stores water, improves the soil´s ability to absorb water, provides nourishment and a habitat for living things  in the soil. It improves soil fertility and stores vast amounts of CO2. Without groundcover, humus is destroyed by erosion and sunlight, We believe that  throuhg implementing this vision of working sympathetically with the land, we have made our land stewardship part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Because a diverse system can survive better in times in crisis, soil protection is the order of the day.