Without bees our countryside would be a sad sight. Bees are amongst the most important pollinators, and thus enable us human beings to feed ourselves. Beekeeping is so vital. Bees and flowers have developed a fascinating symbiosis, a beautiful, charming, efficient win-win situation that we should seize upon as an example of best practice. We have the highest respect for the way these creatures work together and organise their lives. It´s impossible to over- value all they do for our food crops and in shaping the landscape. We´ve been keeping bees for the past 8 years, using the hives that were introduced around 100 years ago by Emil Warré. This menthod of beekeeping is focuses on the physiology of the bees rather than on honey yield. It´s labor- intensive, but promotes immunity to disease in the colonies. Keeping bees has deepened our understanding of nature.