After eight years of incredibly good experience with solar energy, we are convinced that photovoltaics (PV) are the best thing ever invented. We have an electric car and electric forklift, and enjoy the once unimaginable freedom of having our own electricity supply via modestly-sized decentralised technology on an individual scale, which is neiter smoky, smelly nor noisy.

The Chriticsm that´s emerging nowadays about solr poer putting up the price of energy has no foundation whatsover in truth. It´s pure propaganda on the part of people who stand to gain from fossil fuels and nuclear. Precisely the opposite is true: PC produces electricity where and when it´s needed, so that we dont need to pay for expensive peak demand. but this cheaper electricity is normally syphoned off by the utility companies and the saving are not passed on to consumer. Thats why we have not been conned by the media! We have taken our money out of the bank, taken our future in our own hands and installed PV systems on all our roofs!