The delicious dry white wines of Rust deserve to be much better know! They come from vines planted predominantly on primary rock near the lake so as also to be to produce grapfes for the worlds famous Ruster Ausbruch sweet wines, when conditions permit. The dry whites are characterful and complex. Never irrigated, always fermented with native yeasts, they have fun during their childhood and puberty and stay on their yeasts less right up until they are yound adults, and only then are they ready for bottling.

The range starts with the Gelber Muskateller, full of primary fruit, on then to the Grüner Veltliner, a secret success in our region, then to a rich Sauvignon Blanc and the meticulously barrel-fermented Chardonnay Bandkräftn. All show the full potential of their individual vineyards sites.

2022 Rose   0.75L
a potpourri of acidity-driven fruits - currants rhubarb, gooseberry, and grapfruit - embedded in delicate herbal notes, lively and nimble, he delivers a long finish with fine freshness
2022 Chardonnay   0.75L
Subtle hints of ripe quince, Golden Delicious and yellow peach on freshly mowed alpine meadow with rich floral diversity, a flawless sweetness rounds off his smooth personality, juicy, full-bodied, and somewhat wild, he characterize the drinking flow
2022 Gelber Muskateller Greiner   0.75L
the autochthonous grape variety ignites an exotic fragrance explosion, in addition to elderflower and lime blossom, pineapple and nashi pear stand out in the forefront of the aroma layer,  flirtatious - spicy
2022 Sauvignon Blanc   0.75L
yellow apple, hay flowers, vineyard peach and orange zest fill the nose, focused and soothing, this Sauvignon Blanc hovers on a floral-filled, subtle sweetness as a perfect accompaniment to Asian cuisine
2016 Ungezogen weiss   0.75L
unfiltered - the welcoming amber color opens the senses for distinct aromas of mountain hay, juniper, coniferous forest resin, tempting baked aplle with honey on buscuit and roasted almonds, he already rests expessively with wll - integrated acidity in his center, the immaculate food companion
2021 Kristallin Furmint AUSGETRUNKEN   0.75L
unfiltered - an ancient variety from Rust in  filigree and tense presence, elegant hints of green apple and quince in the nose, but vivacious and spicy on the palate after one year maturation in a wooden barrel, he is shaped perfectly for his crystal - clear performance
2020 Chardonnay Bandkräftn AUSGETRUNKEN   0.75L
unfiltered-delightful scents of hay flowers and almond pits, crispy yellow stone fruit and gentle caramel notes with a dash of lychee, an impression of limy minerality, lets the palette shine up to the cheeks!
2014 Chardonnay Bandkräftn Spätfüllung AUSGETRUNKEN   0.75L

After the selective handpicking, the wine went through a spontaneous fermentation in mostly used oak barrels and aged on the full yeast for seven years. By this procedure his vibrant character of liveliness is preserved for decades. Creamy and salty are just two of the many complex aromas this wine has to offer.