We can thank our professional ethos and the steadfast character of the Triebaumers for the fact that we were making fantastic red wines in 1985/86 - and a very special Mariental. For us it was just confirmation of what we had know all along, but for Austrian wines it was a giant step. And now the word is coming cull circle. The whole era of industrialisation passed us by, and we took no part. Now, when people are turning back to hand-made wines, we are still there.

You can´t really label our pigeonhole, but we call our business philosopy unconventional, Greening, grazing, selective hand-picking, careful protection of grapes, juice and wine, sponaeous fermentation, ageing in wooden vessels of between 300 und 5000 litres, thes are all givens. Along with the two native varities Blaufränkisch and Blauburgunder we are also keen on Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. We need them to widen our potential to suit different soils and sites specific working requirements.

2021 Blaufränkisch Rusterberg   0.75L
a fundamental Blaufränkisch in the classic segment, dark sour cherry, sloe and blackberries complement juniper, black tea and bitter chocolate, in the midst of freshly sprouting buds, he presents himself confidently and harmoniously with already perfectly integrated tannins.
2020 Blaufränkisch Gemärk   0.75L
unfiltered - intense impressions of cherry, rosehip and dense blackberry scents with thyme and dark chocolate, variety-typical and youthful he is ready for vivacious adventures
2020 Tridendron   0.75L
75% ME; CS, BLf
unfiltered – blueberries and plums on melted dark chocolate delicately interwoven with ivy leaves and rosemary, vigorously and demandingly he literally melts away on the palate
2020 Blaufränkisch Oberer Wald   0.75L
Unfiltered – minerally spicy underlaid fruit notes of black cherry, redcurrant as well as elderberry on humus rich pine forest soil, distinguished and precisely he already shows his great manifesto of the future
2020 Maulwurf   0.75L
75% BLF, CS, ME
unfiltered – perkly fragrance nuances of blackberry, plum, cardamon and leather, paired with his opulent tannins he achieves a finesse on the palate, that makes the mind wonder
2019 Cabernet Merlot   0.75L
unfiltered - an attractive present of black currant, tobacco leaves, ivy and black tea in a suede leather pouch, tight, concise and welcoming with youthful, determined tannins
2020 Syrah Hammelwerk   0.75L

unfiltered - berry confit from red gooseberry, barberry and sour cherry; black olives, thyme and ivy leaves give the herbal spiciness with leathery nuances; mysteriously and fiercely he rests in himself like the eye of the hurricane; profound and full of character and a fruity finish



2019 Blauburgunder   0.75L

grazing with our herd of sheep, grapes from species-appropriate farming,  selective handpicking with highest aspiration and natural yeasts are the foundation for the development of our wines, that is based on handcraft, time and a basic trust that creates vibrant wines with vitality and independence for decades

2020 Blaufränkisch Mariental   0.75L
unfiltered - sour cherry, sloe, cornelian cherry, eucalyptus and thyme already present themselves with a dash of white pepper, an expressive elixir of life with an enormous reverberation