The growers of Rust and above all the members of the Cercle Ruster Ausbruch consider the production of fine botrytis wines as a historic duty. Ruster Ausbruch brings unimaginable privilegs to our town, architectural pearls and an unmatched reputation country-wide. NO wonder that we see thes natural phenomena as the pinnacle of our quality potential. Under Austrian law these wine are always of Trockenbeerenauslese leve.

It is not always the caste that we can expect the necessary weather conditions for botrytis every year. Sometimes, when the autumm brings no botrytis, we get a second chance in the form of ice wine (Eiswein). As we have often shown, Ausbruch wines go with a huge variety of foods, but you will also find no better way to end a perfect day than over a slow, contemplative glass of Ausbruch.

2015 Beerenauslese   0.375L
complex flavours of quince, chrystallised ginger, pineapple, peach and pear, anarchi aspects, and therefore richly rewarding
2015 Ruster Ausbruch   0.375L
concentrated tropical fruits with noble honeyed aromas and a pinch of saffron mingle agreeably with elegant notes of botrytis, it fluctuates between lushness and elegance with a core of perfectly balanced acidity; dried apricots and peaches caress the palate; the magical finish – extremely long and racy –brings a sweet smile to the lips
2017 Ruster Ausbruch DAC   0.375L
a rush of honeyed and fruity aromas, delicate, mellow, spicy, deep and complex, masterly intensity